Wandering Nakedly

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From Salida, go north (or from Buena Vista, go south) on highway 285 until you reach county road 270. Go west for about 3 ½ miles (part of it is dirt road), then turn south again for a mile and a half until you reach the well-marked trailhead. Follow the signs, go up the hill, and you’re on your way.

Brown's Creek Trail, the EZ part

Brown’s Creek Trail, the EZ part

View from Brown's Creek Trail

View from Brown’s Creek Trail

The first part of this trail is a climb; for those unaccustomed to hiking or higher altitude, it’ll wear you out. We stopped frequently to catch our breath, but this isn’t so bad. The view is quite nice: pine and aspen forest, mountains, and on our morning, low clouds that hugged the treetops and gave our journey a murky, nubilous feel. After about ¾ mile, the path flattens, and the climb is much more gradual. Brown’s creek was raging due to ample quantities of rain that had fallen in Colorado recently, so the views of the stream and the multiple crossings of it we made were fun and picturesque.

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Brown's Creek Falls

Brown’s Creek Falls

The waterfall is about 3 miles from the trailhead, and worth the hike. We left early and, with no one else on the trail (so we thought) decided to ‘walk the walk’ and get a picture of ourselves greeting this natural wonder as God intended: buck naked. For those of you who are interested in trying this the next time you’re alone in the woods, we’ll offer this advice:

1) Be kind, and make sure there is no one else on the trail or within viewing distance. No one wants to be enjoying the beauty of trees and streams and mountains along a forest trail and come face to face with your bare ass, no matter how firm and sexy you think it is.

2) Move quickly. We recommend setting the shot BEFORE taking off your clothes so you don’t end up running around naked trying to find the best spot to frame yourself against whatever other natural beauty you’re trying to capture. Use a camera with a timer and a tripod, but if you don’t have a tripod, placing the camera on top of a rock can also work well.

3) Once you’ve got your shot you’ll want to dress quickly. Someone might be coming, and quite frankly it was pretty darn cold up there against the waterfall.

Celebrating Nature at Brown's Creek Falls

Celebrating Nature at Brown’s Creek Falls

We wish you all fun and adventure and some great naked pics from famous places! Feel free to email us if you do manage to get bare-assed against a scenic mountain lake, waterfall, or National Monument, and we’ll be happy to post it here!

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